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Bonus Room Addition

Adding on to your existing home with a bonus room addition is a wonderful and economical way to create space while remaining in a location that you love. Yet there are some things you should look into before tackling this type of project. Why? Because adding a bonus room is a major addition to one of your most valuable assets and it carries a level of complexity that should only be taken on by a qualified professional remodeler.

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Tips For A Bonus Room Addition


Assuming, that your property survey allows for the addition, adding a bonus room on your own property might seem like a no-brainer, yet your contractors next check should be with your homeowners association. Oftentimes, HOAs have restrictions on the types of additions that can be built, their exterior materials and appearance, square footage requirements, and their location in relation to the street front or property setbacks.

Is It Permitted?


When you are adding more living space, your contractor will have to consider whether your existing HVAC and utilities can handle the additional load. This applies to everything from heating and air conditioning to whether a septic system can handle an additional bedroom / bathroom.

Will it Impact My Existing Home?


There's nothing more heartbreaking that having your hopes set on plans that cant be built because they are not financially feasible. Make certain that your financing and budget are firmly in place, that your contactor has an understanding of exactly what you can afford, and that he or she can make suggestions and offer guidance to keep your project on track.

Can I Afford It?


Depending on what you put into it (bedroom, bathroom, etc.) and where you add it (above the attic, over the garage, in basement, new construction addition, etc.), bonus rooms generally are a good return on your investment dollars, averaging about a 64.4% return, according to the 2016 Cost vs. Value report..

Is it a Good Investment?

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